Bridging London


Bridging London


"connecting londoners
to Christ..."

Welcome to Bridging London and thank you for visiting our website. We hope that after your visit you will be better informed about who are, what we are planning and where we are going. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule us to speak at your church.  

London is a city made up of great people, history and beauty. One of its most amazing features is the River Thames. Over 30 bridges stretch across this great River. They range from the iconic to the mundane, but they all serve the same purpose. Each bridge connects London together. Sadly, the spiritual bridge that once connected London to Christ has fallen into disrepair. An estimated 13 million people live in the greater London area and only 400,000 people actually attending church. What this means is that there are a vast number of people in London who do not know Christ. Good churches still exist there, however there aren’t enough churches doing the work of the Gospel. London is in need of more good churches that plant churches. That’s exactly what we want to be a part of when we move to this great city. Would you help us BRIDGE LONDON?

Lord Guide Us,

The Bell Family
Joshua, Ashley, Evan, Audrey & Daphne

"We want to introduce you to our friend adam Brennan. He has lived in London for 26 years and we believe he has a unique perspective on the city. In our video below, you'll hear why Adam believes London has great need for the Gospel."

Bridging london Video

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